Die cutting process
It’s a fabrication process whereby a die is used to cut through soft materials such as paper, cardboard and fabrics on a die press; it allows you to make an identical cut into material numerous times and with very precise profiles and even complex shapes.

The range of our folding boxes 
We are always looking for new packaging solutions. This is why we have invested in new equipment that can expand our offer of folding boxes.

Boxes with 4 and 6 corners or glue points 
Thanks to their versatility, our boxes with 4 and 6 glue points are particularly suitable for the clothing sector and for the pastry packaging sector.

Silk screen printing
From ancient China to the present day, silk screen printing is one of the most ancient printing techniques. It consisted in the use of frames with silk mesh for the passage of inks, a technique capable of reproducing images or documents on any material.

Sedex Member
Orange Packaging Italia srl has always been interested in social and environmental issues and has therefor decided to become a Sedex Member in order to support a network that operates in safety and transparency on the basis of the principles of the Code of Ethics that have always been adopted.

Cement Bags
Resistant, refined, a real note of design. Thanks to the top quality material used to produce them and the particular processing, the more they are used and wrinkled, the more beautiful they become by showing their characteristic raw and vintage effect.

Recycled paper
The waste paper is thus pulped and filtered through special machinery, pressed and shredded into micro-fragments of paper which will then be submitted to de-inking and bleaching.

Luxury e-commerce boxes
Corrugated cardboard boxes, resistant and practical. A wide range of finishes on customer’s request such as UV varnish, hot foil stamping or offset printing, lamination and exclusive papers lead to the design of a luxury concept.

Biodegradable or compostable papers
Paper is a 100% biodegradable material but, to facilitate the process of reintegration into the ecosystem, it has to break down and be returned to nature safely and correctly. In general, the biodegradability of every-day products and the ecological balance of the planet are very serious issues that involve all of us, day by day.

Grass paper
Orange srl is constantly seeking packaging and displays with low environmental impact with the aim of re-evaluating and redefining our behaviour models in depth.