Printing and finishing techniques

Offset 5 colours

We use a 5-color KBA printing machine, which enables us to carry out the 4-colour printing and pantone at the same time with a very good colour rendering and reduced production costs as an outcome.

Dry printing

By using specific clichés obtained through photomechanical engraving, we are able to create relief images in order to provide the printed material with a depth effect.


We are able to laminate any printed material with the DRY technology. Thanks to our equipment we can have various effects, from the simple glossy or matt lamination to the more peculiar soft touch, scratchproof lamination.

UV screen printing

With our automatic and semi- automatic screen printing machines we can produce a gloss finish on matt materials in order to create an elegant contrast effect.
With this equipment we can also print on corrugated cardboard with covering colours.

Hot stamping and embossing

We use automatic printing machines that can also work on the large format and let us refine any printed material with metallic foils. Thanks to special 3D printing machines we can have embossing or microembossing effects.

UV offset printing

In addition to the traditional inks we can also use the UV technology that enables us to print on many plastic and non plastic materials and have chromatic effects on dark materials, which would be impossible to obtain with the traditional method.